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Individualized Outpatient Services

BHW’s Diagnostics Center recognizes that a proper diagnosis of developmental disorders requires a comprehensive evaluation completed by an experienced and qualified team of professionals. Our approach views diagnosis as the first step to effective intervention and treatment.

BHW specializes in diagnosing and treating the following conditions:
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
  • Learning Disabilities

Memory Disorders Clients admitted to our program with a pre-existing formal diagnosis may require additional assessments in order to develop a proper individualized treatment plan.

Early Intervention Services for Children Under Three. BHW’s intensive ABA program for children under three involves a comprehensive global program that includes behavior, speech, and occupational therapy for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Home-Based Services for Individuals Over Three. Each individual works 1:1 with a behavioral therapist on prescribed goals derived from an intervention plan. We utilize research-based methods in therapy with the focus of generalizing skills across settings. Each session varies with the needs of the individual, but usually incorporates language acquisition, play skills, self-help skills, behavioral modification, and social skills trainings.

School-Based Services BHW’s positive behavior support program includes 1:1 behavior intervention in various school environments for a broad range of challenging behaviors such as aggression, elopement, self-injury, and tantrums. Our primary objectives are to improve academic performance; replace challenging behaviors by teaching appropriate behaviors; and increase communication, social, and coping skills. BHW believes that students have more to gain when all relevant providers, including the school team, work in harmony.

BHW is a UCLA PEERS certified provider

The UCLA Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relationship Skills (PEERS) is a manualized, social skills training intervention for adolescents and young adults. It has a strong evidence base for use with teens and young adults with autism spectrum disorders, but is also appropriate for teens and young adults with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and other socioemotional problems.

PEERS is a 14-week evidence based social skills intervention for motivated teens in middle school or high school who are interested in learning ways to help them make and keep friends. During each group session, teens are taught important social skills and are given the opportunity to practice these skills in session during real play activities (e.g., playing sports, board games, etc.).

Parents are taught how to assist their teens in making and keeping friends by providing feedback through coaching during weekly socialization homework assignments. Enrollment is limited. Regular attendance is imperative. Parent participation is required.

BHW PEERS Info    More on PEERS

As part of our multidisciplinary team approach, speech and language and occupational therapy services are available to individuals with developmental delays. Services include assessment, individual or group therapy, and consultation.

At BHW, we care about the entire family. That's why BHW provides individual and family counseling to meet your needs. With counseling, you and those you love can discover how to manage stress, reduce anxiety and depression, and regain focus on things that matter.

Ancillary Support Services


Our camps are offered seasonally, have a low adult to child ratio, and are organized by age and ability levels. BHW camps are generally conducted during summer, winter, and spring breaks. Each camp focuses on our CARES domains: Crafts, Arts, Relationships, Education, and Sports.


  • Who Open to all children and ability levels 3 years and older who are potty trained. Siblings are welcome.
  • When December, April, and August
  • Duration Tuesday - Saturday
  • Where Various outdoor recreational environments
  • Enroll Call 800-BHW-1266 to enroll now. Space is limited!


Go out on a date with your significant other or schedule some R&R for yourself and leave your children with us. Your children will be entertained and supervised by our team of qualified staff in a warm and safe environment. Light snacks and refreshments will be served. Activities include watching G-rated movies, playing board games/video games, and creating arts and crafts.


  • Who Children 5 years and older who are potty trained. Siblings are welcome.
  • When First Friday of each month between the hours of 6pm - 9pm.
  • Duration At our Garden Grove facility.
  • Where $30 per child
  • Enroll Call 800-BHW-1266 to enroll now. Space is limited!


BHW training services are designed to teach caregivers behavioral strategies resulting in the child becoming more responsive to learning opportunities in the natural environment, decreasing the need of service providers in the long term, and decreasing the number of services from which the child is being removed in the natural environment. Workshops are available in Spanish and Vietnamese.

Event Info

  • Who Appropriate for parents, caregivers, and teachers.
  • When TBA, follow us on social media or our blog for the next session.
  • Duration 7 weeks
  • Where At our Anaheim facility.
  • Enroll Call 800-BHW-1266 to enroll now. Space is limited!

Workshop contents

  • Workshop 1  The ABCs of Behavior and its Four Functions
  • Workshop 3  Reinforcement or Bribery?
  • Workshop 5  Communication Part 2
  • Workshop 7  Behavior Management
  • Workshop 2  Positive Discipline Strategies
  • Workshop 4  Communication Part 1
  • Workshop 6  Rules for the Home

Behavior Train, "Changing the World One Behavior at a Time"

Behavior Train is BHW’s volunteer program designed to identify and support individuals with disabilities who are overlooked and neglected in areas of the world where behavioral health services are not easily accessible, understood, or accepted. People with such disabilities are frequently exposed to human rights violations or secluded from the public, and lack appropriate health and educational services.

Therefore, BHW is dedicated to improving the quality of life and opportunities of such individuals by bringing awareness and providing resources such as conducting ABA trainings, donating financially, and supplying goods to those countries in need. Specifically, ABA trainings and ongoing support are generally delivered to parents, educators, physicians, and other care providers of individuals with disabilities.

Social Skills Groups

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Speech & Occupational Therapy

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