Key Advantages

Total Care Platform
At BHW, you will experience superior personalized care and service delivery. A personal connection to each family and a commitment to each and every client is the BHW advantage.


Total Technology Harmonization
Beyond your typical scheduling software, ClinicSoft is a TRUE practice management solution that integrates the entire lifecycle of a client. From intake to discharge, ClinicSoft simplifies administrative work through solutions that assist in writing reports, keeping track of client progress, and more. ClinicSoft allows clinicians to spend more time in front of patients while fulfilling administrative duties more efficiently and accurately.


Total Quality Management (TQM)
Total Quality Management (TQM) is a philosophy and set of guiding principles that BHW adopts to focus on continuously improving our organization, our procedures, and the services that we provide our clients. TQM focuses on the needs of the client, and on improving the quality of work and providing a finished product. TQM promotes continuous monitoring and improvement of company procedures in order to reduce inefficient or wasteful practices. TQM involves the entire organization in the improvement of quality and also empowers employees at all levels.


TQM: Real-Time Analytics
Our proprietary TQM platform measures real-time analytics that evaluates and monitors progress for continuous improvement.


Why Us

BHW's approach to treatment is naturalistic, using everyday family routines to foster generalization of skills and to promote independence right from the start. Our programs focus on increasing each client's motivation to learn, making each session both fun and functional. BHW utilizes Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Pivotal Response Training (PRT), and Positive Behavior Support (PBS) methodologies as the primary framework of our programs. We also consider all scientifically proven methods when tailoring each program to fit the unique needs of each client.

At BHW, you will experience superior personalized care and service delivery. A personal connection to each family and a commitment to the advancement of each and every client is the BHW advantage.

Our Accomplishments

BHW is your one-stop shop for premium autism service delivery. Our accomplishments demonstrate the why behind doing what we love. We are sincerely grateful and honored to have achieved these accomplishments as your provider. From certifying our therapists with RBT credentials to responding to your referrals in less than 2 hours and retaining more than 99% of our clients, we strongly believe in delivering premium services and truly care about what we do and it’s only a testament to all of our employees that deliver on this commitment, day in and day out.


Our Client Statistics

Did you know that we graduate over 70% of our clients within 2 years? Did you know that we have a 0% client relapse rate? We have a holistic customized program suited for you and our client statistics show that when our clients join the BHW family, they’re truly embraced with genuine CARE.


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